Energy Loss Prevention

The main contributor to your annual utility bill will most likely be your heating system. Insulating your home will help reduce the energy required to heat your property and can therefore help reduce your bill significantly.

This can be achieved in a number of ways:

Draught Proofing

The cheapest method of reducing heat loss is to use draught excluders on doors and windows and to fit covers on your letter box and key holes.

Double Glazed Windows

By placing two or three panes of glass together with small air pockets separating each pane, the amount of heat energy loss through your windows is reduced.

Loft Insulation

You can reduce the amount of heat lost through your roof by having an insulating material such as glass fibre installed in the loft.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Many new properties have the walls insulated during construction. For older buildings and those that do not have this done a porous material such as cellulose insulin can be inserted into the wall space to reduce heat loss.

Hot Water Tank and Pipe Insulation

Hot water tanks and pipes can be insulated to stop heat escaping from them. The most effective pipes to insulate are the ones between the boiler and hot water cylinder.

Radiator Reflectors

Fitting aluminium foil or reflective panels behind radiators will reflect heat back into the room rather than allowing walls to absorb and lose the heat.


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