Appliance Energy Efficiency


All new gas boilers installed in England and Wales must be of the high-efficiency condensing type. If your boiler is over 15 years and you upgrade to a new one it is possible to save up to a quarter on your annual heating costs.

Energy Products

When replacing household appliances always check for the ‘A’ rated energy-efficient models that carry the ‘energy saving recommended’ logo. Most household appliances have energy-efficient models available although an energy rating is not currently mandatory for all.

Legislation is currently in place for:
Washing Machines (excluding twin-tub models)
Tumble Dryers
Combined Washer-dryers
Refrigerators and Freezers
Air Conditioners

Energy efficient models are also available for:
TV’s (legislation to be passed end of 2011)
and other electrical appliances

Energy Saving Light Bulbs use five times less electricity and last ten times longer than normal bulbs and are easy to install for minimal costs. They do however contain mercury and need to be recycled when they come to the end of their life to prevent a build up of mercury in landfill sites.

Rechargeable batteries save energy, reduce waste and cost little to recharge.


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